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We hope you enjoy the unique designs we have created under our three brands. The creative process, from the art to the screen printing, happens at Charleston Graphics LLC, our screen printing company located in the beautiful Charleston Lowcountry.


We use our favorite high quality shirts -- we like to use what we like to wear! Our goal is to make our customers happy with high quality shirts featuring awesome designs you love to wear time and time again.

​A little about our brands….


Charleston Apparel has featured unique t-shirt designs offered online, and at some select retailers, since 2009. Charleston Apparel Brand encompasses everything from life in the Lowcountry to our Celtic Irish line that has become a favorite.​


Water Creature Brand is inspired by anything to do with the water. From the Oceans, Lakes, Waterways and Rivers, everyone on our team has a common love for anything water. We’re all Water Creatures.


Marsh Dog Brand was born from the connection we all have with the presence of man’s best friend as part of our outdoor adventures. In the Lowcountry many of our most memorable moments happen in the marsh rich waterways, and a Marsh Dog always completes the picture.

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